Brands embrace Mother’s Day with heart warming ads

Mother’s Day celebrates the woman in our life that each one of us is not only thankful for bringing into this beautiful world but also shaping our respective lives, giving us a sense of direction and stability in even our most difficult times. As children, we may sometimes find her advice old school. We may also often fight with her, argue with her and not like the embarrassing moments we have when she is around our friends. But, in the end we all collectively have to agree that in the most testing times we need her the most.

Brands too like to cash in on this fervour and come up with promotional campaigns to celebrate this  special day, others tend to invest with adorable tributes to mothers from their virtual community keeping the engagement with their consumers active. But some brands have come up with brilliantly crafted ads that explore multi-faceted mother-child relationship this Mother’s Day.

Here, we’ve curated a list of the best Mother’s Day videos rolled out by brands.

Tanishq – For You Mom

A mother’s character is forever been defined by her generous nature and Tanishq taps this beautifully into this campaign – #ForYouMom. The ad shows how mothers put their children before them and have always been that way.

The Bag Talk – Milna Zaroori Hai

Not so famous and recently launched bag brand The Bag Talk last week launched a campaign around Mother’s Day which delivers the message of how important it is in today’s digital age that we still prefer physical connection.

Cello – Main Aur Maa

This 7 minute short film from Cello portrays a delightful relation between a mother and a daughter right from the minute she is born till she becomes a mother and understands the hardship her mother had to go through for her. Cello comes up with this ad campaign that urges to never stop valuing the love and devotion of a Maa(mother).


Titan walks in a new direction for this beautiful ad about motherhood where it tries to disassociate motherhood with sacrifice and compromise with its take “Motherhood is not about sacrifice, it’s about choice.”

Nivea – #JustlikeMaa

Mother’s Day is certainly not only limited to mothers but also for someone who holds the revered position in your life. Nivea is paying homage not just to mothers but to all mother-like figures who care and nurture, just like mothers do. Its latest ad is a tribute to everyone who is #JustLikeMaa.


You need something outrageous to get people’s attention and KFC is the King when it comes to bizarre. To celebrate Mother’s Day, KFC’s mascot Colonel Sanders has written a romantic novel which provides as its official statement says, “Brief escape from motherhood into the arms of your fantasy Colonel.”

A video ad for the book – which some may find cheeky, others distasteful – features a long-haired, shirtless man and the message: “This Mother’s Day, let Colonel Sanders take care of dinner and Mom’s fantasies.”


Skittles released one of the grossiest ads you would want to associate the brand with. A son still connected to his mother by the umbilical cord tastes the Skittles the mother is eating. The ad is so absurd that you have to give it to the writers and the brand for such a bold step.


On the backdrop of Rio Olympics 2016, PnG delivered one of the best ads targeting their biggest customer base – mothers. Every athlete has some or the other time faced fear in his career and needs courage to overcome it. Who better than strong mothers encouraging their children with a beautiful message delivered at the end of the ad.


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